Andy Halko

Keynote speaker, author, and CEO. I founded my first company Insivia in 2002, spoke at over 300 events, appeared on NBC Nightly News, and have my first book being published now.

3 Steps to Planning a Video


Today Rick shares three steps that will help you begin developing quality videos for your business. Video Transcription Hey everyone, Rick Scheeser here with Insivia and this month our main focus is on video and animation. So what I want to do is talk about the three steps that we use to when determining how-to […]

Is Video a Good Marketing Tool?


There are a lot of options out there to choose from to market your business, but one that you cannot afford to pass up is video. Being able to produce quality content quickly that is interesting to potential viewers is really important and video gives you the ability to do so. It is now the […]

Mobile Website or Mobile App?


Today Patrick adds to the debate between Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps. Video Transcription There’s always debate in mobile marketing about if you need a mobile website or if you need a mobile application, whether that’s for Android or for Apple. I kind of think that it’s dependent on the use that your business is […]

Top 10 Features of a Mobile Website


As one of the fastest growing platforms, mobile marketing has become a must have for companies looking to grow. When designing your mobile site there are certain features you need to keep in mind to have the most success. We’ve put together the top 10 features of a mobile website you’ll need to include on […]

Should You Design for Mobile or Responsive?

Article in Videos

Today Chad explains the difference between Mobile and Responsive. Video Transcription There’s a big debate going on in the design community right now over whether you should make a responsive design that would scaled down to fit a mobile platform or just design a designated mobile platform itself. A lot of people that are on […]

What are the benefits of a Wacom Tablet?


Today Chad talks design and explains how a Wacom Tablet can help bring ideas to reality. Video Transcription One of the products I use often when designing is actually an external device called a Wacom Tablet, you may have seen them before. It’s a little tablet that you can draw and write on them using […]

Is it a Good Idea to Wireframe?


Today Chad lets you know if you should consider starting your next web project with a wireframe. Video Transcription All right designers, when you are starting a new project I implore you, please wire frame first. By sketching and kind of doodling out ideas and then moving on to wire framing it helps you really […]

How can you Move into New Geographical Regions?


Today Andy lets you know how you can move into other geographical regions. Video Transcription So a common question we get is, how do we expand into a new geographical region? This is a common trend for most businesses. Some things that you can do to really help move into new areas would be, be […]

HTML5 Video Background for Customers


Here at Insivia, we are always looking to push the envelope by using new techniques and unique ideas in web design. Recently, I had the pleasure of working on a new site for one of our awesome clients. Every design is a fun challenge in its own way, but this site called for a fullscreen […]

Hyphens Don’t Matter for Search, Except…


Almost a decade ago, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in English from Baldwin-Wallace College. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to receive an email this week regarding some major changes in Berea, Ohio. Effective July 1, 2012, my alma mater’s name will change to Baldwin Wallace University. It’s exciting to read about how […]