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If you haven't optimized for maximum conversion, then there is no point in spending on marketing or improving retention. Join our webinar covering the 10 Principles to Increasing Conversion.


Marketing and Web Design for Law Firms

Law firms face some unique challenges compared to other professional services firms. A few of the major objectives a website and all marketing efforts should seek to attain are validation, thought leadership, and of course lead generation. Find out what works and what doesn’t in this presentation. Would you like to learn more or book

Agile Marketing

Search Optimization Redefined

Search Optimization is an key strategy for lead development, but can be very confusing on how to impact. Our seo seminar goes through everything from search statistics, the Google business model and tactics to improve your rank.  The slides used in the presentation provide a story for how search optimization works and what strategies you


Law Firm Websites: What Works & What Doesn't

Most attorney websites have a history of being boring and bland. Pages and pages of legal history and attorney-speak can only be spiffed up so much. Law firms find themselves confronting a “new business landscape” that’s far more competitive. Differentiation is certainly the name of the game — firms must differentiate to survive. The content