Recently, Melanie R. Jordan, the Event & Program Coordinator for COSE wrote an article about Social Media after speaking with Andy Halko, CEO of insivia:

By regularly attending events, speaking at the Small Business Conference and designing COSE websites, Andy Halko has become a familiar face. While many of you may recognize Andy, not all of you may realize the impact he has had in the world of social media and its effect on the small business owner. Founder and CEO of Insivia, a marketing and interactive web design firm started in 2003 which brought to life COSE’s own I Buy NEO and MindSpring sites, Andy has leveraged social media to expand Insivia’s brand. Andy says of Insivia’s use of social media, “We have been able to utilize social media to expand our reach to customers and prospects. Creating dynamic content on our blog, we are able to then distribute it throughout all our employees’ professional networks and personal networks for a much broader exposure level at an extremely efficient cost.” As for the small business owner, Andy believes social media can be a steadfast tool if used properly. “It is a lot about the speed and reach that these networks provide. A small business may reach a great amount of people easily, but the world is much more transparent and the ability for a reputation to be destroyed can be instantaneous.”  Andy says the world of social media is still being determined and will continue to rapidly change; for small business owners that constant change means being able to adapt quickly or ultimately facing the possibility of being left behind.


-Melanie R Jordan

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Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping software & technology companies scale through research, brand strategy, integrated marketing, web design, and retention.