3 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Traditional Marketing

January 17, 2014

Today Matt shares 3 ways to integrate your social media into a traditional marketing campaign.

Social Media & Traditional Marketing

This month we are talking about Traditional marketing and today I wanted to specifically talk about ways you can integrate your social media with your traditional marketing.

The first one is to make print the driving force. A lot of small businesses have turned to social media to be its main point of communication. This means you should be including elements like your Facebook address on everything like business cards, posters, receipts, napkins and coupons.

Second use an offline promotion to drive online interaction. One example of this that I read was for a beauty salon where they offered a free makeover in exchange for the individuals picture with their logo in the background. They then had to use the photo as their social media profile picture.

The third one is pretty simple and that is to make sure your employees are actively involved with your social media . They should be trained to inform customers of your social media presence and to recommend they visit you on facebook.

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