3 Traditional Marketing Channels That Are Great For Local Businesses

January 6, 2014

Traditional marketing is alive and well. In fact, due to the uproar over the next generation of web, inbound, and content marketing, many traditional marketing channels have been forced to lower prices in order to compete. Many organizations, especially those businesses that cater to a more local clientele can still benefit from these traditional marketing channels.

TV, and more specifically televised events are known for drawing large viewing audiences. For example, the approaching Super Bowl will attract one of the largest if not THE largest television viewing audiences of the year. While national advertising can run up a hefty tab, local advertising is significantly cheaper. Advertising during popular televised events can skyrocket the reach your business has in your local market.

It's not too difficult to create a spectacular video advertisement or visually stunning animated banner for the web. Creating an advertisement on paper that is equally as stunning is a lot more impressive and has a greater impression on your audience. Many local businesses can't afford a large marketing budget and therefore shun major publications. Local newspapers and magazines offer a much more affordable option that allows your business to be exposed to the local market

2 simple facts...

  • Americans spend over 100 hours a year driving. (USgovInfo.com)
  • Radio reaches over 92% of Americans over the age of 12 each week. (Arbitron.com)

A person behind the wheel is obviously preoccupied with driving. While their eyes are focused on the road, their ears are more than likely glued to what's coming out of their speakers. Many music stations and talk shows are local programs with unique audiences. The ability to reach both a vast majority and a targeted audience creates tremendous value in advertising with local broadcasters.

Traditional channels are far from being outdated, though every approach may not be perfect for every business. The key is to understand your audience, and to distinguish which channels best reach that audience.

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