2014 Social Media Trend

October 16, 2013

Today Derek joins the conversation and talks about one social media trend you’re going to want to follow come 2014!

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Derek and I’m here to continue our conversation on developing your marketing strategy for 2014. I want to talk about one thing in social media that’s set to take off in the upcoming year. Last year we saw sites like Google +, Pinterest and Instagram take off and what do they have in common? Image-based content. If you’re looking to increase your social reach and get people engaged consider adding images to your content. Not only does it break up the text but can also emphasize important points that you want to convey to your customer. If you’re looking to talk about products and services and explain them better infographics offer you a concise eye-catching and simple process for explaining your products and services. For more information on how these things can help you build your business in the upcoming year we hope to see you for our upcoming seminar.

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