2014 Marketing Trend: Mobile-Friendly Content

October 23, 2013

Mobile was a big trend in 2013, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for 2014, either. Nina shares with us some options for making sure your website content is as accessible on mobile devices as it is on the web.

One of the most important things when you’re putting your marketing together is anticipating whats going to be a big trend in the following year and incorporate that into your marketing plan.

So one of the things I wanted to talk about today was mobile-friendly content, and that’s all about your website. That means that wherever people are viewing your site, whether that’s on their phone, tablet, or the web, your website should really look great. 74% of people will actually leave a website if it doesn’t load on their phone or tablet within 5 seconds, so it’s important that you create a really positive experience or people, wherever they’re visiting your site from.

So there are a few different ways you can do this, one of the options is to look into developing a mobile app for your business. But if you want to try a less expensive route, you could consider developing a mobile version of your site, or even just utilizing responsive web design, so that if someone is viewing your site on a mobile device, it will look really similar to what they would see on the web.

So those are just some options to make sure your site will look really great in 2014, no matter where people are viewing it.

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