In this Insivia insight, Andy discusses how important it is to focus on creating high quality content instead of a large volume of mediocre quality content.

Some of the advantages to a well-designed and well-executed content marketing plan include:

  1. Marketing is all about creating value, and creating material that your audience can actually use does exactly that.
  2. Original content that is well researched will help you to be perceived as a thought leader in your industry.
  3. Creating quality content that exceeds the 1000-word threshold has a positive association with SEO ranking.
  4. Content that is cited and linked in other articles or blogs is also great for SEO ranking.
  5. People share useful, interesting, provocative, or entertaining content on social media. Hastily written content has little value on these platforms.

Writing good content takes a lot of time, so it’s often a place where companies cut corners. Still, many surveys given to C-level and marketing managers report that developing or improving a content marketing strategy is a major priority.

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