Starting from the basics and working up, the team went on-site with Milan, doing a photo shoot and getting a feel for what the client was really like. After getting to know the client’s needs, Derryl and the team went to work. All new visuals and text content were incorporated into the visually vibrant, user-friendly site.

A banner with impact and interactive sub-pages with no Flash attracts visitors while maintaining 100% functionality on mobile devices. The new site truly represents Milan in a exciting and professional way that will help them compete in the market on a totally new level.

For more than 50 years, Milan Tool has been serving the metalworking industry with innovative services including: specialty machining, cutting tools, and full spectrum grinding. When Milan came to Insivia, they were looking for a revitalized web presence that matched their industry dedication.

Derryl Strong took on the task and headed up a Insivia team to rework their identity and entire website. According to Derryl, “Their last site space was created 5 years ago so it was a complete reinvent.” The new website was a completely new creation, specifically designed to be accessible by mobile devices while still keeping the site fully dynamic.

Visit Milan Tool to see their new site.