Matt discusses 3 questions you can ask yourself to see if your website is converting as well as possible.

1. What are you offering?
Does your website provide enough information to correctly represent the product or service you are offering? Is it valuable enough to convince the users to make the purchase decision? If not, be sure to go back through your content and the information you’re providing and make sure it has value for your users.

2. Can you ask for less?
There’s nothing more annoying than making the decision to purchase, only to find that following through with it is overwhelming. When the forms and information you have to fill out following the purchase decision are lengthy, people will tend to abandon the purchase altogether. Go back and look through your forms to make sure they are simple and easy enough to complete and follow through with.

3. Are you following through?
Any promises you make to your visitors must be upheld. If you are not following through with guarantee’s, promises, and promotions you will quickly lose customers to your competitors.

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