Most everyone knows that you need a web browser in order to surf the Internet. What many don’t know is that not all browsers are created equal. Today you can choose from Opera (Opera Software), Safari (Apple), Chrome (Google), Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Firefox (Mozilla), and many more.

So, which browser is best for your business? We suggest Mozilla Firefox. This may sound like an untrustworthy name because of household names like Internet Explorer. However, Firefox browser derives from the original source code of Netscape–a name that you are probably more familiar with. In 1998, Netscape made the source code open for public development and renamed it Firefox. Since that time a community of developers has developed a product that has managed to capture roughly 21% share of the market and set the standard for all browsers.

Here are some reasons why you should make the switch:

  • Security: Most troublemakers are trying to crack the security layers of the masses that use Internet Explorer.
  • Pop-up Blockers: Too many sites try to bombard you with ads. Firefox alerts you of a pop-up before it happens so you can choose what to view.
  • Constant Improvement: A community of thousands are working everyday to make the product better.
  • Customization: You can personalize and extend with tons of free add-ons.
  • Compatibility with all operating systems.

The best part is that there is no commitment. You can download Firefox without removing your other browser or paying any fees. Give Firefox a try today and let us know what you think!

Confused about where to start? Call us today!

P.S. Take a look at your web site in these different browsers — if your web site is older or built incorrectly, it may not look or work right.